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Lead the world toward a better future with the help of Target Incubator.

Target Incubator is a three-month program geared toward early stage startups with a vision for making life better — for people, and for the planet. This accelerator provides the next generation of entrepreneurs with the mentorship and support they need to flourish. With a proven platform that encourages evaluation and iteration, Target Incubator puts the spotlight on change-makers and world-shakers as they work toward their goal of positively impacting the world.


We’re looking for future-shapers of all kinds, but there are a few important elements we want to see from all program applicants:

Proof of traction and business incorporation (e.g., an established LLC).

A mission that aligns with “better for people and the planet.”

Majority ownership, and a participating founder who is 18 years or older.



Startups apply online, and finalists are invited to interview with our Accelerators team. Selections are based on mission, team, capabilities and potential for impact.


During the program, you'll work virtually with mentors, participate in skill-building sessions, meet with executives and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs — all from your home base.


Upon program completion, graduates participate in a final capstone event. This is your big chance to showcase your progress and preview where you're headed next.

But the program doesn’t end after the capstone event! As a member of Accelerators Alumni, you gain access to continued support, exclusive events and more.

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There are no open applications for Target Incubator at the moment. Check back soon, or contact us.


Nurturing possibility, one startup at a time.

Last year, eight outstanding startups were invited to join Target Incubator 2020. They participated in a variety of mentorship sessions, workshops, founder fireside chats and more to help them hone their skills and accelerate their business. With so many resources available, each founder worked hard to rapidly evolve their business and move toward the next step in their entrepreneurial journey.

What really differentiated this program in particular was the access to subject matter experts and the vast expertise that we were able to connect with.

Danya Sherman Founder & CEO of KnoNap Target Incubator
Danya Sherman

frequently asked questions.

What’s an incubator?

Generally speaking, an incubator is a collaborative program designed to nurture early-stage businesses. With the help of dedicated mentors and industry experts, an incubator lets startup founders iterate, test and revise their ideas in a supportive environment.

What does "better for the people and for the planet" mean?

We’ve intentionally kept the definition broad, but ultimately we’re looking for businesses on a mission. If your business is driven to improve some aspect of our world, we want to hear about it.

I have a great idea for a brand-new startup. Is Incubator a good fit?

No. Target Incubator is focused on helping accelerate incorporated, early-stage businesses with some kind of market traction (see “Criteria” section). If your idea doesn’t have a prototype or revenue, it’s probably not ready for Incubator yet. But once you’ve got it up and running, let’s talk!

If I participate, does Target own my idea?

No! Target Incubator is an equity-free program, so we won’t take any ownership of your company in exchange for participation. Your idea is yours to keep; we’re here to help you along the journey toward success.

If I participate, does that mean my company will work with (or partner with) Target?

Not necessarily. By applying and/or participating in any of Target’s Accelerator programs, it’s not guaranteed that Target will carry your product, service or technology. Viability for Target stores will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Will I need to relocate my business to Minneapolis?

No. We’ve intentionally designed the program to let you participate without disrupting your business operations at your home base.

Who is eligible to apply?

Any company is eligible to apply, so long as [1] they are an established legal entity (LLC, B Corp, etc.), and [2] they have proof of initial traction (e.g., prototype, revenue or customer traction).

Founders must also be at least 18 years of age to apply. We recognize that there are many amazing young entrepreneurs out there, but we’re limiting the program to participants 18 and older at this time.

Each company must have at least one founder participate in the program. A co-founder or team member may also participate.

What's the capstone event?

It’s the final culmination of all your hard work and rapid progress. Each capstone is a little different, but in general, you can expect to give a rehearsed pitch to Target representatives, fellow entrepreneurs and members of the larger community.

Is this program open to companies based outside the United States?

Yes! All Target Accelerator programs are open to startups across the globe.

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