Applications are open for Target Accelerator Program India until June 30. Apply now.

the sky’s
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Take your product to the next level with the help of Target Takeoff.

Target Takeoff is a five-week program geared specifically toward consumer brands. This accelerator runs multiple times a year focusing on a specific Target category for each cohort (e.g., wellness, beauty, etc.). Our approach uniquely combines unprecedented access to Target, mentorship from subject matter experts, and tailored curriculum for founders to scale into mass retail.

Perfect for:

Mature retail companies looking to scale and learn what it takes to get their products into Target retail stores.


We’re looking for future-shapers of all kinds, but there are a few important elements we want to see from all program applicants:

A strong team with a passion for retail and learning.

Product/business alignment with the cohort theme.*

A viable product with the potential to scale quickly.

*Cohort theme(s) to be announced prior to application start date. Number of cohorts and areas of focus subject to change.



Startups apply online, and finalists are invited to interview with a panel of Target merchants and accelerator program managers. Selections are based on team, assortment, innovation pipeline, traction and potential for growth at Target.


During the program, you’ll work virtually with mentors, participate in skill-building sessions, meet with executives and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs — all from your home base.


During week 5, the cohort will have the unique opportunity to pitch their brand to Target category buyers one-on-one. This is an opportunity to show what you’ve learned and plan for the future.

But the program doesn’t end after the capstone event! As a member of Accelerators Alumni, you gain access to continued support, exclusive events and more.

ready to

There are no open applications for Target Takeoff at the moment. Check back soon, or contact us.


fresh retail thinking unleashed

This year we saw our inaugural Target Takeoff Pets cohort continue to lead the way for pet brands and pet product businesses. Nine innovative companies took part in this 5-week virtual experience and learned all about getting ready for mass retail. Learn about each participant and follow along as they continue to grow their businesses by visiting their sites below.

meet the

Takeoff Pets 2021

The magic of Target Takeoff is that it really pulls back the curtain. Those deep-dive conversations about the building blocks for scaling have been a game-changer.

Niambi Cacchioli Founder & Lead Formulator of Pholk Beauty Target Takeoff
Niambi Cacchioli


What are the financial terms of the program?

No fee or investment exchange is required to participate in the program.

If I participate, does Target own my idea?

No! Your idea is yours to keep. We’re just here to help you along your journey toward growth and success.

If I participate, does that mean my idea will be implemented at Target?

Not necessarily. By applying and/or participating in any of Target’s Accelerator programs, it’s not guaranteed that Target will carry your product, service or technology. Viability for Target stores will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

How do cohorts work?

To maximize our impact, Takeoff often has more than one program cohort running at the same time. Each cohort welcomes a group of startups that share a similar product type or target market, which gives participants more focused access to resources and support. 

We’ll announce the upcoming cohorts when the applications open, so you’ll be able to see if your business fits the particular focus of that group. And if you don’t fit the criteria right now, keep checking back — we’re frequently adding new cohorts, so it won’t be long before there’s one for your business. Have an idea for a new cohort? Contact us and tell us about it.

Will I need to relocate my business to Minneapolis?

No. We’ve intentionally designed the program to let you participate without disrupting your business operations at your home base.

Will my competitor be in the cohort?

Maybe. We’re looking for the best brands across your category and like any other retailer, Target carries an assortment of competitive brands to tailor to our guests unique, and ever-changing needs. We’ll always protect your proprietary, private and confidential information. We will never force you to share information with the other members of the cohort.

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