This is a multiple-part interview conducted by the Target Accelerators team. Participating companies have been asked to share details about themselves and their brand after completing a Target Accelerators program.

Need some new staples in your skin care routine? We catch up with Meghan B,  founder of skin care brand Ralphie & Alice, Megan B, about how her business has evolved after completing  the Target Forward Founders program.

TA: Who was the inspiration for starting Ralphie & Alice?

Megan: I am deeply inspired by Gen Z and their drive for positive change and attention to empathy. Their bold behavior reminds me of my grandparents, Ralph and Alice, the primary inspiration for my brand.  The actual inspiration behind our products stems from my auto-immune complications and the hardships I used to face around finding  products that didn’t further irritate my skin.

TA: How did being a part of a Target Accelerators program enhance or change your business?

Megan: Being a part of this program allowed me to better understand the roadmap to entering mass retail. It was like having a bird’s eye view of what it takes to get on to a shelf at Target, what it takes to actually stay there and finally, what it takes to be a brand that shapes the future of our category. Since completing the program, I’ve been able to use what I learned to scale and fine tune our entire strategy.

TA: What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur and what advice do you have for those just starting out?

Megan: There are so many things I enjoy about being an entrepreneur, but most of all, I love the sense of adventure, the entire creative process and I love connecting with our community.  My advice for those starting out would be to prioritize self-care. I’ve found there is power in self-care, setting boundaries, and implementing daily routines. When your tank is full, it makes it a lot easier to give that passionate energy to your brand and your community.

TA: What’s next for you and/or your brand?

Megan: After three years of hand-making our best-selling SKUs, we are finally moving forward with getting things manufactured. This is a huge leap forward that we are very excited about.

We have also been focusing on new marketing objectives for 2023. We see the social media landscape  changing daily and we want to show up in a unique way. We have a few other updates we aren’t able to share yet, but be sure to follow  our Instagram page  to stay in the loop.

TA: Which one of your products is your favorite and why?

Megan: I use the Pop Stix the most. I have one in every purse, bag, jacket, and in my car. But, my all-time favorite product has to be The Wash. It is a face and body cleanser that gently cleanses without stripping and it’s perfect for maintaining a healthy skin barrier. There is no fragrance, and The Washallows me to cleanse and hydrate my skin without irritating or damaging it.

You can find Ralphie & Alice online and on Instagram

about the founder

Megan Behnke is the founder and CEO of Ralphie & Alice. After struggling for years with auto-immune-related skin conditions, she founded her company to fix a gap in the “clean” skincare space. A true tomboy, Megan also struggled with finding a brand with no definite gender identity. Walking down the aisle, shopping online, she couldn’t believe seeing a majority of brands still design and advertise to one gender. This realization and her own clean beauty journey inspired her to create Ralphie and Alice. Megan lives in the northern Los Angeles area and enjoys painting, cooking, and spending time with loved ones, especially her grandparents Ralph and Alice.

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