On August 1st, the founders of our first ever Target Incubator program took the stage to share an overview of their business and the progress they’ve made. It was the grand finale of an eventful summer that took the founders through a series of workshops and immersive learning experiences over eight weeks at Target’s Minneapolis HQ.

Starting in June, the founders of Agricycle, Dressmate, KnoNap, Mickey’s Mission, Pulp Pantry, Symba, Terravive and Trill Project have been taking their businesses to the next level with help from Target’s mentors and resources. Each founder is using their expertise to create products and solutions that make the world a better place for people or the planet.

Building on the Target Incubator program, we developed a three-day conference around demo day. During the Target Incubator Conference, powered by Next Gen, more than 100 change-makers from across the country attended retail workshops, listened to speakers and split into teams to take on a business case challenge.

Follow the link below to learn more about Target Incubator Demo Day and the Target Incubator Conference, powered by Next Gen.

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