This is the fourth installment of a recap series spotlighting the many great leaders and founders who have volunteered their time to speak with the 2021 Target Forward Founders Cohort.

We’ve made it to week four of our program which means we are at our halfway point of our program! This week was filled with a handful of subject matter experts sharing their knowledge with our cohort, once again, to help better their own brands.  

We kicked off with a session and brand positioning workshop held by our friends at Smoketown. Ryan and his team have helped our participants over the past week learn more about connecting with each target audience emotionally and how to position their brand.  

We continued our week with Paula Leaf and Lindsay Arndt who joined us from IRI and broke down everything about pricing and performance. The team also introduced our cohort to their platform and gave insights on how buyers and merchants look and decide on whether to offer their brand or not.  

Then, joining us from our Target family, we were joined by the “salt and pepper” visual merchandising duo: Elizabeth Nientemp and Kim Carswell who gave our founders tips and tricks to packaging. We dove into the four moments of truth and the do’s and don’ts of packaging.  

Lastly, we ended off our fourth week of program with a fireside chat with Adrienne Jefferson DISRPT who answered our questions on all things public relations and gaining brand traction.  

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