Target Accelerators is proud to announce the 2020 Target Technology Accelerator!

Target Accelerators is excited to announce the next iteration of the technology-focused accelerator program and the 2020 cohort of 10 innovative technology startups. The Target Technology Accelerator is designed for tech-enabled startups with capabilities that could enhance the retail value chain. The program exposes these startups and their founders to the wealth of knowledge and expertise within Target. Historically, select startup participants have engaged in proof-of-concepts, tests, pilots, and commercial contracts.  

This year, the Technology Accelerator is collaborating with noteworthy partners including Intel, Microsoft for Startups, Procter & Gamble, Salesforce, Zebra, and other key Target partners. These partners will complement the knowledge and mentorship provided to the participating startups with meaningful subject matter expertise providing a more holistic view of the retail industry. Leaders from these organizations have contributed to the identification and selection of the participating startups, and will provide workshops on core competencies, mentorship from subject matter experts, and other personalized offerings.  

The 2020 cohort will be comprised of the following ten remarkable companies. Learn more about the startups below: 

Bridg, Inc  – Bridg is a customer data infrastructure company that delivers retailers and CPG companies the ability to identify, understand and engage their unknown offline in-store customers. 

Divert - Diverts’ Honeybee platform uses IoT tools and prescriptive analytics to measure and optimize freshness throughout the retail supply chain to reduce food waste. 

Hyr Inc.  – Hyr is an app-based platform that instantly connects retailers with skilled and experienced gig workers to fill hourly paid shifts. 

LimeLoop    – LimeLoop’s technology-enabled reusable shippers provide valuable data, enable predictive analytics, and better protect delivered packages, while increasing the customer experience and reducing environmental impact. 

Popspots   – Popspots’ smart display network, Grocery TV, helps retailers and brands advertise their products in stores, while also ensuring they’re always available with automated out-of-stock tracking. 

RADAR   – RADAR combines RFID and computer vision to automate retail store processes with unprecedented speed and location, efficiently managing inventory and customer interactions.  

rapitag    – Rapitag’s IoT platform combines mobile self-checkout with anti-theft protection for a frictionless customer experience 

Smarter Sorting    – Smarter Sorting uses chemical and physical data to classify consumer goods (smarter) to help retailers reduce waste, automate decision-making and improve efficiency across the supply chain 

Strella Biotech  – Strella creates biosensing platforms that predict the ripeness of fruit to help optimize the food supply chain. 

The Good Face Project    – The Good Face Project has developed an ingredient-driven AI tool personalizing the beauty shopper experience, helping consumers find effective products. 

About the Target Technology Accelerator and Target Accelerators 

The Target Tech Accelerator is entering into its fifth iteration of a US technology-based program, having previously run four successful programs. The Tech Accelerator is one of several Target Accelerators programs, all designed to jumpstart the growth of startups as well as bring learnings back to Target. Learn more about the portfolio of Target Accelerators including; Target Incubator, Takeoff & TAP. 

If you’d like to be considered for a Target Accelerators program, you can find more information on open applications or fill out the contact form to get updates on what is happening with all Target Accelerator programs.