This content is the eighth installment in an interview series with the 2020 Target Tech Accelerator cohort. Participating companies are sharing, in their own words, details about their innovative companies. All interviews have been conducted by the Target Tech Program Management team. 

Meet The Good Face Project.

Iva Teixeira, Founder and CEO

Lena Skliarova-Mordvinova, Founder and CTO

Tech: When meeting someone new, how do you explain what The Good Face Project does? 

Iva: We help beauty shoppers discover clean products that match their skin’s unique needs, and empower them to look and feel your best. 

Tech: What makes you most excited about working with Target Accelerators? 

Iva: We believe that Target is the best potential beauty retail partner for the Good Face Project, because of its long-established focus on personalization and serving the shopper in a curated way. Our algorithms will be at home in the Target tech stack. 

Tech: How did you know when it was time to consider going through an accelerator experience? 

Iva: As soon as we were ready to launch our retail APIs, we knew it was time to learn how to go to market with them and scale. 

Tech: What has surprised you about yourself as your business has grown? 

Iva: I am still amazed at how Lena and I were able to tell the story of our company and its mission to investors (99% of them male), and capture their interest so quickly that we closed our Angel round 6 weeks after we opened it. 

Tech: Who has been instrumental in supporting your idea and why? 

Iva: A group of mentors and investors in an incubator called EvoNexus in San Diego have been the most amazing champions for our team, our idea, and its execution. 

Tech: As a business owner/founder, how are you functioning today that is different than how you were functioning 6 months ago? 

Iva: I am learning every day more and more about how powerful story telling can be. Today, I tell many more shopper, brand, and retailer stories than I did 6 months ago. This attracts the right kind of community around my team and our mission. 

Tech: What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs who are navigating this current environment? 

Iva: Cash is king, especially for startups in our stage. Be VERY smart about how you spend your cash! 

Tech: Where do you see yourself and your business 6 months from today? 

Iva: We expect to have penned a retail APIs deal with Target :-), to have acquired 200k Good Face app users, and to have closed a successful Series A round. 

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