This content is the ninth installment in an interview series with the 2020 Target Tech Accelerator cohort. Participating companies are sharing, in their own words, details about their innovative companies. All interviews have been conducted by the Target Tech Program Management team. 

Meet rapitag.

Alexander Schneider, CEO & Founder of rapitag

Tech: When meeting someone new, how do you explain what rapitag does? 

Alexander: Retailers who implement a self-checkout, will have 5times higher losses due theft. And in these pandemic times with masked customers, this will even increase – but not with rapitag. We combine mobile Self-Checkout with anti-theft protection on an IoT platform. 

Sebastian Müller, CTO & Founder of rapitag

Tech: What makes you most excited about working with Target Accelerators? 

Sebastian: Bringing our solution to the US market with the most innovative retailer. 

Tech: How did you know when it was time to consider going through an accelerator experience? 

Alexander: You can’t do everything alone; you need partners to speed your development. 

Tech: What has surprised you about yourself as your business has grown? 

Sebastian: That the fun (at work) rises with the amount of work. 

Tech: Who has been instrumental in supporting your idea and why? 

Alexander: Our first Business Angels, because they supported us in good and bad times and always believed in us. 

Tech: As a business owner/founder, how are you functioning today that is different than how you were functioning 6 months ago? 

Sebastian: I think we have definitely become more relaxed, because there are fewer and fewer situations that one has not been confronted with. 

Tech: What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs who are navigating this current environment? 

Alexander: Follow your vision! 

Tech: Where do you see yourself and your business 6 months from today? 

Sebastian: I think we will have grown many times over. 

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