The Target Incubator (TI) team chatted with the founders of NAL to learn more about how they are supporting underrepresented artists in the media industry and how working in a new normal is impacting their focus to launch their product 2020. 

NAL Founders: 

Naomi Lilly

Naomi Lilly, Founder and CEO

Clarke Williams

Clarke Williams, Co-Founder and Head of Communications

 TI: When meeting someone new, how do you explain what NAL does? 

Naomi: NAL is an online networking platform offering professional, creative, and mentorship opportunities to underrepresented artists in the media industry and its adjacencies. By partnering with companies, organizations, and other creative minds who identify with the need for more diverse talent in media, we create an ecosystem that makes the entertainment industry more accessible to all. NAL passionately empowers communities by empowering creatives. 

TI: What inspired you to start NAL? 

Clarke: After our Founder & CEO, Naomi experienced the opportunity gap and barriers to underrepresented creatives in the media industry firsthand, she was inspired to create an innovative solution to the talent acquisition disparities in entertainment. With this problem as her north star, NAL was founded to diversify creative industries and spark connections amongst artists in an inclusive, accessible, and multigenerational way. 

TI: What impact do you hope NAL has on the world? 

Naomi: NAL’s social impact focus is mentorship for the next generation of creatives. We hope to use the power of meaningful representation in media careers to inform what’s possible for artists of all backgrounds. We are confident that the change we envision for underrepresented creatives is long overdue. Partnering with like-minded media affiliates will (literally) change the faces of entertainment to more authentically reflect the artistic world we live in. 

TI: What has surprised you about yourselves as NAL has grown? 

Clarke: We have been most surprised by how exciting and challenging the entrepreneurial space is. In 1 year of being an established company, we’ve grown just as much as NAL. We’ve always been capable of thinking, both, futuristically and strategically about the social issues that affect our communities, but we are just now being exposed to many of the resources and work that are required on the backend. Each level of growth gives us a new opportunity to maximize our mission. 

TI: As a founder, how are you functioning today that is different than how you were functioning 6 months ago? What keeps you motivated? 

Naomi: We function with our full team of 4 dynamic women committed to NAL and its impact. Today, we more heavily rely on technology and digital assets to work efficiently, transparently, and in a way that promotes creative wellness on our team. We are genuinely motivated by our platform, as it launches this year and the way it will bring creatives together. 


Keep up with NAL by visiting their website and following @nal_media on Instagram and Twitter.