Target Accelerators is excited to announce the launch of our newest cohort of the Target Accelerator Program (TAP) India.  The program was set up to engage with the thriving startup ecosystem in the region to spur innovative solutions to benefit startups and the retail industry.

Startups in the eighth cohort are impacting varied areas of our business – from manufacturing and creative to sustainability and clean-tech, among others. This year is one of many firsts for the program. TAP India has moved to a completely virtual model. This cohort also has startups from several countries, including Israel, Hong Kong, the United States, apart from India.

Here’s more on the 10 amazing companies participating this year.

BigThinx | Creates a personalized 3D virtual avatar from 2D images for fashion and retail brands.

ByondXR | Builds immersive shopping and virtual experiences for retailers.

Clarico | Has an IoT-based platform that helps in air quality monitoring and purification.

Factri.Ai | Enables shop floor data tracking by using off-the-shelf mobile devices and contactless technology.

Phool | Employs women from vulnerable communities to upcycle floral waste into products such as incense, organic compost and bio-leather.

Orangewood Labs | Creates industrial-grade robotic arms at a significantly lower cost.

Rocketium | Helps brands and businesses improve in-app and website conversions through video and display banner automation.

Solutum | Has developed a completely water-soluble and biodegradable substitute for plastic.

Textile Genesis | Creates transparency from fiber-to-retail using a radical traceability platform custom-built for the apparel ecosystem. | Helps businesses generate and scale 3D content using computational geometry and artificial intelligence.