Just a few months ago, the 2020 Target Takeoff Beauty cohort completed their Target Accelerators experience. Let’s check in with a few of the participants to see how growing their businesses have evolved since then, in their own words. First up: Stryke Club.

Stacy Blackman
Darci Rosenblum
Sheilagh Maguiness
Nicole Brooks

 Based in: Los Angeles, CA

What is an average day like for you right now? 
Right now, the days have a few things in common: chaos and unpredictability combined with intense focus and drive. Because all of us founders are moms, and now our children are at home, we are juggling so many different worlds simultaneously. Like help with 4th grade math and then immediately pivoting to an investor call. It’s a lot, but we are fortunate to be super passionate about our brand and our mission, so we are having a lot of fun. On any given day, we are on the phone with manufacturers, packaging people, our design firm, and our PR team, tweaking our pitch deck, fulfilling orders, creating financial models, posting on social media and much, much more.

What advice would you give to other founders right now? 
Begin before you are ready; begin right now! This is a time of change and uncertainty but also a time of brand-new opportunities. Keep your eyes open and find those opportunities. And if you have already found it, don’t wait for the perfect moment when you have enough time, money or knowledge. That day will never come. Start now!

What do you want readers to know about Stryke Club? 
Stryke Club was designed by four moms who believed that our boys and all boys deserve the best for skin care and acne treatment. One of our founders is an all-star dermatologist with a waitlist that is close to a year! She has fallen in love with an ingredient that she has used with her patients for the past decade and we are now making it accessible via Stryke Club! It’s super effective against face and body acne, eczema, dermatitis and more.

Keep up with Stryke Club by visiting strykeclub.com and following them on Instagram and Facebook.

The founders of Stryke Club during a virtual meeting.

Handwritten notes to Stryke Club customers accompany product orders.